Thursday, December 06, 2012

Virtual Keyboard and other cool things...

Your iPhone transforms any surface in virtual keyboard. This concept uses the iPhone’s accelerometer to record the different vibrations of the fingers on a surface. Each variation corresponds to a letter so you have a full invisible keyboard in front of you! The system is currently 80% accurate but the results improve when used in conjunction with an autocorrect dictionary.'' [source]

'' KINECT-POWERED MAPPING SYSTEM FROM MIT - This device allows the user to build maps of indoor environnements in real time. '' [source]

'' Get a new screen for your iPhone with this smart case. The back of the popSLATE is an E ink screen which can display all kinds of pictures or informations, even in the brightest sunlight. The dedicated app lets you easily capture pictures and share them with your friends but you can also choose to display notifications, maps and so on. '' [source]

''WRITE LIKE IT’S 1979 WITH BLINKY '' [source]

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