Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Few simple (FREE) ways to know where colleagues are

''Employee In/Out Board Software is an easy-to-use web-based software solution for tracking employee attendance and current work status, delivering company announcements, managing online time sheets, creating events in shared calendars, sending phone messages, and access to timecard reports. Use the InOutBoard Online to eliminate your wall-mounted peg board, old receptionist software, resource sign-up sheets, and paper phone messages. You get a complete web-based solution including mobile access for quick status updates.'' [source]  ONLY FREE FOR 30 DAYS :(

'' Free EIOBoard In Out Board Alternative '' [source]

This one is actually FREE:
'' Tabzon is a free online in-out board designed to help you keep track of friends & colleagues. '' [source

And the same company also provides this service:
"Pinterest is an online pinboard. Organize and share things you love."

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