Monday, June 13, 2011

What a bad bad article

The article here [source], is (in my opinion) a load of crap. It closes with this sentence:
'' Now that you know the truth, have your opinions changed?''

which is very revealing, since in many human matters there is arguably no truth to be found, but only various opinions, with varying degree of plausibility.

The central point of this very bad article, seems to be that we humans resist to authoritative knowledge, and try to keep close to our own beliefs, even when wrong.
Is that so bad? I think the contrary would be horrible.

I would like to submit that science has been abused in the XX century, and political statements have been made into "scientific truth", time and time again. Skepticism is a virtue.

To remember what we can make science say for us, check out this discussion about eugenetics
that refers to materials from after the first world war. At that time, they had quite a different "truth" about these topics than the one we have today.

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