Friday, January 09, 2009

This is really scary!

''The LOHAFEX experiment will spread 20-tons of iron sulphate particles over a 115-square-mile section of open ocean north of Antarctica — that's about 1.7 times the size of Washington, D.C. The initiative has drawn fire from environmental groups who point out that 200 countries agreed to the moratorium until more evidence was available about its efficacy.
It's becoming clear that when it comes to global warming reversal schemes, deciding who will control the global thermostat is as complex an issue as how such schemes could actually be accomplished. Ocean iron fertilization is considered one of the more promising options for global-scale geoengineering, which aims to slow or reverse the effects of climate change caused by man's burning of fossil fuels.
'' [source]

When did we say yes to this global-scale geoengineering? Anybody voted for a crazy global-scale experiment?

The whole idea reminds me of Asimov's novel: "Silly asses" [here].
The moral of the story was: if there is only 1 planet, and we don't even know how it works, why doing large-scale experiments with it? (and it was agains nuclear proliferation)

What will be next? Release nanomachines to eat up all the petrol polluting the sea ... also this is explored in a novel: this one. Guess what happens in the novel? ;)

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