Friday, January 09, 2009

Mixed space news

Commercial space station finds first customers
''COMMERCIAL space flight is taking off. SpaceX of Hawthorne, California, which in September launched the first privately built rocket to go into orbit, has secured two customers for its DragonLab mini space station.'' [source]

Radio Signal from the Universe’s First Stars
''When the universe was still young, they were already dying.

The first stars ever to grace the cosmos with light were brutish monsters, so the story believed by most astronomers goes, lumbering clouds of hydrogen and helium hundreds of times more massive than the Sun.
'' [source]
Solar flare
''A surprising solar flare sent a stream of pure hydrogen at Earth.

"We've detected a stream of perfectly intact hydrogen atoms shooting out of an X-class solar flare," said researcher Richard Mewaldt of Caltech. "If we can understand how these atoms were produced, we'll be that much closer to understanding solar flares."
'' [source]
Galaxy clusters and dark energy
''Dark energy is stunting the growth of the universe's galaxy clusters, new observations reveal.'' [source]

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