Tuesday, October 02, 2007

More discussion about global warming (if you need it! :D )

This guy wrote (in 2004) about and mostly against Crichton's book "State of fear".

The interesting thing about he tone and strength of the discussion is that the book for me was clearly science-fiction, so I don't see why taking it so bad if he fools around with a "hot potato"-topic like global warming.

To me the main point of the book was that it is difficult to be really sure about something as big as global warming; and since it happened in history many times that everybody believed in a false theory (about flat earth, or magic/witchcraft, Aristotelian physics, or heliocentrism), perhaps we should be a bit less eager to commit totally to one or another group...

"Skepticism is an option", that is the thought I've got from the book...
And if (as they said in this book) sci-fi is about "what if", then Crichton's book is a nice exercise :D

Anyway, some of the comments to the blog are very interesting and go in rather different directions than the blog itself, for example this one:

What will happen to us?

And there is a speech from Crichton's.

Ps I vastly enjoyed the appendix about eugenics, and if it is true that there were textbooks about it I'd like to read some, to get an idea how wrong the scientific process can go... When I looked online, I didn't found anything... Any suggenstions?

After all the point about being "intelligent" animals, should be to learn from past errors, no? ;)

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