Thursday, September 27, 2007

How dumb are they at Reuters? :>

It is sometimes incredible how stupid a piece of news can be...
Consider this discovery, made by Reuters: people in Africa use missed calls on mobile phones as "call me back" messages.

Really?! What a surprise! Those Africans must be so clever and poor and different...

''It is a tactic born out of ingenuity and necessity, say analysts who have tracked an explosion in miskin calls by cash-strapped cellphone users from Cape Town to Cairo. ''

Wow! This analyst must be a genius! :D :D :D
And of course they have a microsoft expert helping them understand this complex and new phenomenon:

'' "Its roots are as a strategy to save money," said Jonathan Donner, an India-based researcher for Microsoft who is due to publish a paper on "The Rules of Beeping" in the high-brow online Journal of Computer Mediated Communication in October. ''

And he published a paper on it!!! Splendid.

Wake up Reuters! Where do you live? On the moon?
Everybody is doing it in Europe too, since the first mobile came around.
What kind of news is this? :<

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Teo said...

Un sacco di miei amici devono essere originari dell'Africa :)

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