Thursday, March 22, 2007

The world smallest printer: a dream come true!

I cannot prove it, but I invented the same printer (in my book of sketches) at least 15 years ago.
I was studying LOGO at the time, trying to understand recursion in a visual way, and I found out that at MIT
they had robots that could be controlled like the turtle of the LOGO language (see here).

Then I said to myself: make it smaller, the size of a box of matches, and use the pen to print stuff on any surface...

Unfortunately I could not build one myself (I totally suck at electronics and mechanics) nor find something similar to connect to my 8086 (the top machine I could afford at the time). Too bad for me.

But the good news is: someone is selling a pocket-size printer based the same concept, or actually much better. Check it out: here.

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