Tuesday, September 24, 2019

First Light Fusion - great stuff or fake?

Nuclear fusion is coming... or not?! :/

- A positive view (video):


- And a negative view (article):

First Light Fusion's Fake | New Energy Times - LENR News and Scientific Reference

"... Hakwer’s “energy gain” would not be a reactor gain; it would be a relative gain between the power that hits the fuel and the power that is emitted from the fusion particles. Because the company has published such a misleading public claim, it has almost certainly communicated the same to its investors, as well.

The best result so far in the inertial confinement fusion field is the National Ignition Facility. Philip Ball, writing for Nature on Feb. 12, 2014, reported the grim facts. Buried at the very bottom of the article, where few readers would notice, Ball quoted a Lawrence Livermore researcher who revealed that the ratio of fusion-produced power to the power injected to the fuel was 1%. The efficiency of the entire system, accounting for all the power required to operate and produce the reaction, would bring the overall efficiency of the system to a fraction of 1%. ..."

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