Wednesday, January 30, 2013

3D viewers - all kinds!

1- Toy in 3d News, Videos, Reviews and Gossip - Gizmodo

(perhaps not the best product out there [see here] ... )

2- Sanwa YouTube 3D viewer for iPhone [source]

3- DIY for Reality Hackers – FOV2Go [source]
"FOV2Go is a free hardware and software kit for the creation of immersive virtual reality experiences using smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. It’s an emerging platform for DIRT-CHEAP, world-class virtual reality."

4- DIY 3d camera / viewer [source]

5- 3D with iPhone & iPod touch?! [source]
" ...  a DIY solution: the creation of a simple stereoscope or 3D viewer made of a few spare business cards and tape!"

6 - ZENDOME Stereoscopic 3D NEXUS 7 [source]
"First attempt to build a huge 3D Viewer for my GOOGLE NEXUS 7"

7- Hasbro MY3D [source]
"With the MY3D viewer, you can now experience 3D and 360 degrees of entertainment on your iPhone or iPod touch. A variety of specially-formatted MY3D apps are available for download on the App Store and more are on the way! "

7b- And it can be altered a bit... [source]
" ... one of the things I had in mind was coming up with my own 3D stuff. The iPhone 5 has the famous “retina screen” so it’s ideal for doing something like this. One of the things I was curious about would be viewing stereophonic photographs (a.k.a. stereograms) on the MY3D using an iPhone. So… I spent some time this weekend figuring out the best way to do that."

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