Thursday, January 22, 2009

Another incredibly bad article

Check this out:

1- Antartica is a climate anomaly and seems to contradict the global warming hypothesis:
''Antarctica, the only place that had oddly seemed immune from climate change, is warming after all, according to a new study. For years, Antarctica was an enigma to scientists who track the effects of global warming. Temperatures on much of the continent at the bottom of the world were staying the same or slightly cooling, previous research indicated.''

2- So perhaps it is not really a "global" warming... ?
''"Contrarians have sometime grabbed on to this idea that the entire continent of Antarctica is cooling, so how could we be talking about global warming," said study co-author Michael Mann.''

3- What is really happening there? Do they really know anything new?
''The study does not point to man-made climate change as the cause of the Antarctic warming...
"We can't pin it down, but it certainly is consistent with the influence of greenhouse gases," said NASA scientist Drew Shindell, another study co-author.

4- But the data is made up!
''The researchers used satellite data and mathematical formulas to fill in missing information. That made outside scientists queasy about making large conclusions with such sparse information.''

5- Warming or cooling?
''East Antarctica, which scientists had long thought to be cooling, is warming slightly when yearly averages are looked at over the past 50 years, said Steig.

However, autumn temperatures in east Antarctica are cooling over the long term. And east Antarctica from the late 1970s through the 1990s, cooled slightly, Steig said.

6- After all, the warming might not be there at all...
''Some researchers skeptical about the magnitude of global warming overall said that the new study didn't match their measurements from satellites and that there appears to be no warming in Antarctica since 1980.''

7- What did we learned from this article?
''The study has major ramifications for sea level rise, said Andrew Weaver at the University of Victoria in Canada. Most major sea level rise projections for the future counted on a cooling — not warming — Antarctica. This will make sea level rise much worse, Weaver said.''

So they say:
- we make a strong claim in the title, that does not correspond to the text
- our study does not show anything conclusive,
- but it does not contradict our theory of global warming (please believe us!)
- the data is filled in via simulations since there are too few real datas
- other studies are skeptical about the results, but they MUST be wrong
- finally: we will all die horribly because of global warming

Next time I read an article about this subject I will check against this list, because it seems to be a typical structure for these bullshit articles.

Very bad scientific information :(


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