Monday, May 09, 2016

Why do scientists dismiss the possibility of cold fusion?

I suspect it’s too late to dismantle the trap for LENR – the horse might already be in the process of bolting. If Rossi and Godes et al are actually on to something, then the field is going to be mainstream soon anyway. But we could try to learn from our mistakes. There might be other potential cases with a similar payoff structure (a high cost for false negatives, with a low cost for false positives).
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Tom Darden:

"I would like to say how truly sorry I am that society has attacked you for the last three decades. 

The treatment of Fleischmann and Pons, and the treatment of many of you, by mainstream institutions and the media will go down in history as one more example of scientific infanticide, where entrenched interests kill off their divergent progeny. 

This seems to be a dark component of human nature, and I note the irony of it – we are in Padova, Galileo’s home."

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