Wednesday, August 06, 2014

HYREL 3D ... finally 3D printing in soft materials!

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''HYREL 3D changes the economics of 3D printing with a single, affordable machine. ...

Other Materials include:

Sugru, Clay, Porcelain, Precious Metal Clay (PMC), Silicone RTV, Play-Doh, Plasticines… and coming soon, Wax, Chocolate, Cheese, Peanut Butter… etc.'' [source]

Comment: Finally! A printer that extrudes soft materials. Combine this with a desktop 3d scanner [see here] and you have a terrific way to share ideas across long distance: A can make a puppet with play doh, 3D-fax it to B, that will receive a 3D printed version of the puppet. B can then alter the puppet manually and 3D-fax it back to A... and so on.

And if you short-circuit the idea, blending A and B, you get a way to store your 3D ideas directly from the clay model to digital form and back again!

I hope somebody will make a system like that... I'm not sure I have the means to play with that kind of tech right now :D

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