Saturday, December 14, 2013

2-way Tangible Interfaces - MIT radical atoms

MAS.834 Tangible Interfaces | MIT Media Lab | Tangible Media Group

''Radical Atoms takes a leap beyond Tangible Bits by assuming a hypothetical generation of materials that can change form and appearance dynamically, becoming as reconfigurable as pixels on a screen.'' [source]

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From: Bosu: a physical programmable design tool for transformability with soft mechanics
"Physical transformability is emerging as an important element of interaction design as advances in material science and computational control give rise to new possibilities in actuated products and kinetic environments." [source]

Shape-memory clay: Perfect Red [video] How would digital-enhanced clay work.

Article: Exploring the Design Space of Shape-Changing Objects:  Imagined Physics
"Seeing that shape-changing interfaces is a growing area in HCI design research and that authors often shy away from articulating the special qualities brought to a design by using changing shape to communicate information, we set out to explore shape changing interfaces through a series of sketching experiments through the support of Danish toy company. 
The main 
contributions of the paper include indications for the further expansion of the design space of shape changing interfaces relating to the perception and understanding of behaviour, causality and the mechanics involved in shape change events, which we call “Imagined Physics.”. " [source]

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