Saturday, October 05, 2013

Fabric + frame = things (and also other stuff...)

'' Frame-supported fabric structures, which can be loosely defined as any 
structure where a fabric membrane is draped over a frame, have been in 
existence since prehistoric times. '' [source] - Introduction to Frame-Supported Fabric Structures

Curved folding [source]

Flexible paper robots [source]
" The fact that paper can bend but not stretch is the key to this remarkable invention, published today in the journal Advanced Functional Materials. ... Indeed, quite complicated shapes and movements can be created by simply altering the pattern of channels and by folding the paper in a process the researchers liken to origami. "

Mike Estee's paper robots [source]
" The first linkage I tried didn’t work very well. It was difficult to control because the string only had leverage for the first joint. After that, there wasn’t a good way to provide an antagonistic return force. The second joint used the side walls to create an arm lever, but I got it backwards, and the control linkage went the wrong direction. The third design worked beautifully. "

Micro paper robots (cyborg crab) [source]

Moving fabric petals [source]

3D printers help developing tentacle-like active soft robotics [source]

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