Monday, June 03, 2013

3D Print molds not objects!

In many fields, when they reach maturity, there is split between 2 categories of developers. For example tool makers and developers. Or programmers that create new libraries, and those that use those libraries to implement apps.

In 3D printing there could be a similar trend. For example: a high-tech process could be used to print 3D molds, then with these molds, more applied developers could quickly create prototypes of products.

How would a set of general-purpose molds look like?
Something like Modular Plastic Toy [ref].

Another interesting approach is lost-wax casting [ref]

Apparently there are many kinds of modular toys [see here], more or less 3D:
  • TOY FAIR 2011: Mookie signs Modular Construction agreement [ref]
  • ROUNDUP: MODULAR TOYS[ref] ... very nice!
  • Modular Sound toys [ref]
  • toys made of recycled yogurt packages! [ref

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