Saturday, February 09, 2013

Different 3D printing techniques

1- Scientists build tiny structures using Lego-like DNA 'bricks' - Los Angeles Times

... biologists announced this week that they had figured out a way to make Lego-like bricks from DNA — and to use the teeny-tiny modules to build a variety of different, often intricate, three-dimensional shapes.

2- Flexible electronics, self-folding structures and controlled photosynthesis on a grand scale  [source]

The objective of the EFRI project led by Daniela Rus of MIT is to create computational materials whose properties can be programmed to achieve specific shapes and/or mechanical properties, such as stiffness, upon command.

3- 3D printing... micrometric! [source]

Printing on the micrometer scale: Writing time for a miniaturized spacecraft is reduced to less than one minute without loss of quality. 

4- Origami inspires research into materials that self-assemble when exposed to light.  [source]
... the researcher ran pre-stressed plastic sheets through a conventional inkjet printer to print bold black lines on the material. The material was then cut into a desired pattern and placed under an infrared light, such as a heat lamp. Because the bold black lines absorbed more energy than the rest of the material, the plastic contracted – creating a hinge that folded the sheets into 3-D shapes[video]

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