Monday, June 25, 2012

"Mu" :p

Two of my favorite books EVER, free online!

''101 Zen stories'' [book]

''The Gateless Gate'' [book]

PS I'm not a mystical person, but while reading GEB I got interested in Zen from a philosophical/computer scientific view point (if such a thing exists :D )...

One of my favorite story has to be Joshu's Dog: MU really is a fascinating concept. Working with scientific research myself I can see that many times it is more a question of getting the question right than actually finding an answer.

Final note: I also got a very nice feeling of understanding yet not being quite there, reading the 10 bulls. I think if one reads it keeping a possible mapping open between one's experiences and what is written, the book really seems to talk about familiar sensations and problems, even if it was written ages ago. Quite a nice achievement for such a short text :>

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