Monday, June 18, 2012

Attempt to make a game in 1D

Hello, here you have a simple attempt to make a Tetris in 1 dimension, aka Tetris1D (version 0.1.2  0.1.4 0.1.5 0.1.6).

It is a javascript app that requires a browser with html5 and canvas support. So far I tested it only on Chrome, but it works OK.

The idea should be that you have a stack of colored cubes, i.e. a 1D version of the pentominoes that are in the actual Tetris. The challenge here would be to retain some of the gameplay of the original game, while still having just 1 dimension available to move about...
So here it is: you can only let your piece fall, you can see the next piece; you can also switch the piece that is currently falling with the top of the pile of the already-still pieces, or you can reverse the entire pile.

Still working on possible improvement of the concept :>
Feedback is very welcome. Bye,

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Andrea Valente said...

According to Petar there should be a way to shift the pile of pieces, like:

1234 -> 2341

so here is a version with that implemented... but I think it is too easy this way :>

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