Saturday, May 12, 2012

Victorian 2D worlds and games

''A Game With A Point – Flatland: Fallen Angle. ... I have no idea if triangular noir-adventure Flatland: Fallen Angle was specifically inspired by 2011′s meme-tastic Bastion, but I do suspect we’re likely to see quite a few games that borrow its narrate-as-you-play mechanic over the next year or so. ... Made in just 96 hours (over the space of three weeks) it’s very much a shortform piece and suffers from a slightly wobbly combat mechanic (death seems to come suddenly and randomly, but the idea is you can only cause damage by hitting an enemy with one of your points), but it’s atmospheric, smart and does a great job of the unusual melange of simple line-art, breathless Pac Man-esque outrunning of foes and a doomy, nuanced narrative. ... It’s free, but there is a $1 ‘appreciation version‘ with dev commentary and an arena skirmish mode, should you wish to provide it with a digital hug. '' [source] ''Flatland - the book'' [source] And you can read the book for free (since it's way past copyright expiration!) here or at Project Gutenberg. There are a couple of follow-ups to Flatland: 1- Rucker's The Fourth Dimension [source] 2- Flatterland: like Flatland, only more so (2001) [source] by Ian Stewart A new movie is coming about 1984, only steampunked! '''1884' Terry Gilliam presents '1884 Yesterdays Future'.'' [source]
And some interesting discussion about a 2D version of the Tardis can be found here (why not! :D ).

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