Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Make my own games for Nintendo 3DS via browser

There might be a "simple" and legal way to develop free games for the Nintendo 3DS platform.

'' A coder has discovered that Nintendo's launch of a browser for the 3DS allows basic homebrew apps and games to be created in JavaScript. 
... Andy Smith, who also happens to be the brains behind the excellent Spotibot, noticed that it comes with just enough functionality to get basic JavaScript apps to run. "I reckoned it was a ported browser, so lazy porters would likely just map some of the buttons to ASCII codes," Smith told Thinq. "Turns out they did. I've only got Up, Down, Left, Right, and A, but that's enough." ... 
He's put together a basic tech demo for people to experiment with, which you can find here (it'll work in a regular browser as well as the 3DS's). ... '' [source]

And a javascript library to work with 3DS games is also under development  [see here].

It would be great for things like e-learning, since researchers could develop games and educational programs and deploy them on the 3DS platform. (btw that's what I do in my work :D )

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