Friday, December 02, 2011

A game to kill numbers!

''Prime Slaughter
A computer game for playful math-learning.
We have designed and developed Prime Slaughter, a computer game to play with abstract mathematical concepts, like factorization and primality.
The target group is composed of primary and early secondary school students.
Following the findings of a participatory design study about children interaction in museums, our game maps operational aspects of prime factorization onto a gameplay inspired by 2D action-adventure games, where primality and factorizaton are experienced in a visual and direct way.
The museum study also suggested to support learning by multiple play styles and goal-directed activities. ''
Authors: Andrea Valente and Emanuela Marchetti

[playable game here]

The authors would like to thank Roberto Capancioni for starting a stimulating discussion about prime numbers, that led to the development of Prime Slaughter; and Finn Nielsen for the valuable feedback and testing-time he volunteered during development.

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