Sunday, October 09, 2011

Una bella novita'.

Come si puo' leggere qui:

3 degli studenti italiani che stanno facendo la laurea specialistica in informatica da noi, sono coinvolti in un progetto internazionale, tramite l'universita' di Aalborg ad Esbjerg.

L'articolo dice, tra l'altro:
"The Esbjerg group has provided an important part of the software that the Canadian university’s Department of Biological Sciences has implemented to prevent students from handing in lab reports and other material they have plagiarized."
E poi:
"According to the students’ supervisor, Akbar Hussain, Associate Professor, Department of Energy Technology, Esbjerg, it was the Canadian researchers themselves who initiated the collaboration with him and the four students Daniele Anzelmi, Domenico Carlone, Fabio Rizzello and Robert Thomsen in the master's program in software construction."

Mica male ;)

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