Thursday, June 02, 2011

"Softwear" :D

''Readaholic: Open Softwear – wearable computing using Arduino.
The book ‘Open softwear’ was written during 2008 by Tony Olsson, David Gaetano, Jonas Odhner, Samson Wiklund and published under the Creative Commons license. Under the same rulez Arduino software is an open source piece of software- intended for most spread platforms: Windows, Mac OS and Linux.
As Tony Olsson explains it in the preface ‘Arduino has been a active part of the curriculum in Fashion, body and technology, Light Installation and in the Interaction programs at both bachelors and masters level, since 2005. The goal with Arduino was to create a prototyping platform for designers to be able to realize there ideas by them selfs.
'' [source]

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