Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cold fusion patented!

''The Italian Patent Office, Ufficio Italiano Brevetti e Marchi, granted a patent for the energy catalyzer on April 6, 2011, valid until April 9, 2028.'' [source]

E-cat device: explained here.

''Andrea Rossi with support of scientific consultant and physicist Sergio Focardi has created a device called the “Energy Catalyzer” or “E-Cat.” The device generates a cold fusion reaction with nickel powder and hydrogen as fuel sources to generate heat energy. An initial public demonstration in January 2011 revealed that with only 1 kW of energy input into the device, it yielded 12 kW of heat energy output.
Sources reveal that MIT has requested plans for Rossi’s reactor to try and duplicate the experiment. However, Rossi’s reply was that they could buy it once he puts it to market. This is probably because MIT is the same University that made it a point over 20 years ago to disprove cold fusion following Pons and Fleischmann’s revolutionary discovery of the reaction, stalling its development for nearly a quarter century.

More info here.

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