Friday, April 08, 2011

Galileo and physics: how where his experiments actually conducted?

The equations that are typically used to explain Galileo's gravity use calculus notation, which was developed after Newton, so way later.
So how did Galileo actually did and expressed his experiments and his finds?

''Galileo's Inclined Plane Experiment reconstructed'' [video]
In this very nice video, they say that Galileo used water from a pipette to time a ball rolling down an inclined plane. I didn't know that :>

The same is explained here.

''Motion and the pendulum: how most of classic physics comes from a few simple experiments'' [source]

''Galileo: real experiment and didactic demonstration'' published in 1976 [source]

''The Role of Numerical Tables in Galileo and Mersenne
Numerical tables are important objects of study in a range of Želds, yet they
have been largely ignored by historians of science. This paper contrasts and
compares ways in which numerical tables were used by Galileo and
Mersenne, especially in the Dialogo and Harmonie Universelle.
'' [source]

More articles about Galileo's work: here.

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