Friday, April 08, 2011

A friendly syntax to define GUIs

Why not having a specific syntax to define GUIs, in a programming language?
Rebol has one: REBOL Visual Interfaces (VID) [source]

VID is REBOL's Visual Interface Dialect. A dialect is an extension of the REBOL language that makes it easier to express or describe information, actions, or interfaces. VID is a dialect that provides a powerful method of describing user interfaces.

An example:
view layout [
vh1 "Style Examples"
box brick 240x2
vtext bold "There are 40 styles built into REBOL."
button "Great"
toggle "Press" "Down"
rotary "Click" "Several" "Times"
choice "Choose" "Multiple" "Items"
text-list 120x80 "this is" "a list" "of text"
radio radio
field "Text Entry"

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