Sunday, January 09, 2011

Mixed CS news

''Functional Reactive Programming
Obtics allows you to create reactive and observable transformations in a number of ways, freeing you of the burden of having to update and knowing when to update your results in a dynamic application. Having less to think about, you should be able to create richer and more reliable applications sooner.
'' [source]

''The PushButton Engine is an Open Source, Flash game engine and framework that's designed for a new generation of games.'' [source]

''The Phoenix project explores the direct implementation of programs in (reconfigurable) hardware. The benefits of this approach are: low energy consumption, reduced design and manufacturing costs, high performance.'' [source, presentation]

''Tiny, a parser generator for context sensitive grammars'' (from 2001) [source]
''A Context-sensitive Graph Grammar Formalism for the Specification of Visual Languages
This paper presents a context-sensitive graph grammar called reserved graph grammar, which can explicitly and completely describe the syntax of a wide range of diagrams using labeled graphs.
'' [source]

''I've been working on a new Z80 computer over the last few days. I would say that I had been working on the existing Z80 computer were it not for the fact that this a completely new design.'' [source]

''The Brainfuck Computer
The largest and most complex program ever written for this fantastic computer (update: look above for a larger program) follows:
,>,[<+>-]<. ... The best about this project is that you can get all the parts for about two or three US dollars. Assuming Microchip sends you a free PIC, that is, otherwise add a few dollars.
'' [source, and about brainfuck]

Old games and old machines emulation
''Retro and classic game development tools'' [source]
''ZZT games OR text-mode games'' [source, and here, and here an applet that emulates a complete pc! and runs ZZT games :D ]

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