Friday, January 28, 2011

Cold fusion (or bullshit?)

''Hopes about cold fusion have been raised once again by two Italian researcher who claim to have fused atomic nuclei at room temperature.'' [source]
''Italian Scientists Claim (Dubious) Cold Fusion Breakthrough’s a thrill to learn that two Italian scientists claim to have successfully developed a cold fusion reactor that produces 12,400 watts of heat power per 400 watts of input. Not only that, but they’ll be commercially available in just three months.
The problem is, they [Andrea Rossi and Sergio Focardi] haven’t provided any details on how the process works. After their paper was rejected by several peer reviewed scientific journals, it was published in the Journal of Nuclear Physics-- an online journal apparently founded by Rossi and Focardi. Further, they say they can’t account for how the cold fusion is triggered, fostering deep skepticism from others in the scientific community.
'' [source]

However, it is true that there is serious research in "trasmutation" [see here], and the researchers working in this field often lament the total lack of interest from the mainstream media.
So, as required by healthy skepticism, here you have the Infinite Energy Magazine article about the discovery: article.

To keep an open mind, while remaining a skeptic, I like to remind myself that Science does not work according to majority rule.
Often in history of Science the most absurd ideas turned out to be right (e.g. Galileo's problems with authorities, early problems about the germ theory, vaccination was considered a bit like bio-technologies today, and of course Darwin ridiculed and depicted as a monkey).

PS I was almost forgetting anesthesia, that was opposed initially, and still it seems just the most human thing to do nowadays.

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