Friday, December 10, 2010

15 Amazing Concept Printers

''Have a peek at some futuristic printers that challenge conventional ideas--including, in some cases, basic assumptions about depending on ink, toner, and paper.'' [source]

And in particular:
''Unfold build a 3d-printer based on the open source RepRap project. The printer was bought as a kit from the wonderful company Bits from Bytes with money from our NFLD2030 shareholders. Unfold plans to modify this printer so that it can perform other tricks...
Currently we are working on a toolhead that can extrude clay. After firing in a kiln you get ceramics. Follow the progress at Unfold Fab
L’Artisan Electronique is an installation commissioned by Z33 Art Centre that shows our work on printing ceramics in an interactive installation.
'' [source]

L'Artisan Electronique, 3d printing ceramics from Unfold on Vimeo.

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