Sunday, October 25, 2009

"Waste = Food"

This is not your average depressing "we are polluting the planet" kind of video.
To me it is a sign of a more positive and constructive attitude: how do we improve our technologies to pollute less, improve the life-style and at the same time even save money!

''... a new philosophy promoting a non-toxic or recyclable destiny for all man-made products has triggered a new industrial revolution among designers and manufacturers.'' [video 45 minutes]

The video starts a bit "slow" but if you give it a chance, it presents a lot of really cool and practical examples of how to solve environmental problems today, with clever design, in a realistic way!

The message here is not "stop polluting, stop using energy, stop emitting C02 (which reads 'stop breathing'), go back a century and live a hard, unhappy life".
This video tells a different story: it is possible to think in new ways, care for the environment and at the same time keep living, and even improve our condition.
For me this is great :)

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