Saturday, September 26, 2009

How to avoid standby of your TV (and other appliances)

This link offers a provocative solution... I personally resent the attitude of that guy. Some people just can resist being smart-asses :(

However I would really like to waste less power when my TV is in standby, so I looked for a technological solution, and here is a possible one.
''How does it work?

After a few seconds of equipment being left in standby mode the PowerSafer seperates the system from the power supply. When you use your remote control again the PowerSafer automatically reconnects the electricity supply. Simple
Of course the online shop says you save more money in 1 year than the cost of the device, but it could be nice to be sure of that...

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Yane Plu said...

I have been using on of this in are office we have really been saving a lot of power through these great little gadgets. I got a couple of these free some a solar panel company - Spectrum Energy Systems. I think they may still have the offer one.

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