Sunday, September 06, 2009

3D printers, mills and routers

SOLIDO SD300 PRO [source, video] Less than 10K USD for a good 3D printer.
Lego CNC 2 [video]
Industrial CNC machines [video] This one costs $9450.
Z90 CNC Router [source] Around 2500 USD for a machine like this.
Sears - Craftsman CompuCarve Computer-Controlled Compact Woodworking Machine [source] Price around 1900 USD.
CupCake CNC Deluxe Kit [source, video and more info] Price: 950 USD, 750 USD for the basic version.
DIY 3 axis milling machine [source]
Rapid Jewelry Prototyping Process [source]

Replicator blog [source]
Fabbaloo [source]

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