Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Summer holiday :)

I've just come back from Italy, where I spent 1 great week of sun and trips and baths :)

My family and my took went by car from Esbjerg (Denmark) to Lübek airport (info): circa 3 hours.

From there we flew to Pisa (airport) in 2 hours, and from there we took a train to Donoratico (toscana, Italy).

We stayed at the agritourism Greppo all'Olivo, that provides rooms and bikes and from where it is quite easy to go to the beach as well as visit various locations, such as Populonia.

We have a 3 years old daughter and it was the first time we went on holiday without her pram and without our car, but the area around Donoratico is quite family-friendly, so we didn't have any problem :)

Here are some pictures of our adventure.

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