Monday, March 16, 2009

Poor man's web desktop via google docs

What is a web desktop? See here and here, and this one works on top of google docs.

Is it possible to emulate the functionalities of a web desktop?
I'm currently trying using a google doc presentation.
The idea is:
- make a 1-slide presentation with text and icons, and perhaps a nice background image, so that it looks kind of like a desktop
- then add a hyper-link to some of the icons and text areas
- when you view the presentation in "presentation mode", the links will be clickable and will actually open the URL they link to
- it is even possible to publish a presentation to have a fixed URL assigned to it... so you could access your webdesktop without opening google docs...

Here is my experiment.

Also very cool: puppy linux has a webdekstop-like application.
Check it out!

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