Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Electronics as water and pipes :)

''The electronic–hydraulic analogy (derisively referred to as the drain-pipe theory by Oliver Heaviside) is the most widely used analogy for "electron fluid" in a metal conductor. Since electric current is invisible and the processes at play in electronics are often difficult to demonstrate, the various electronic components are represented by hydraulic equivalents.
Electricity (as well as heat) was originally understood to be a kind of fluid, and the names of certain electric quantities (such as current) are derived from hydraulic equivalents. When done well, the water analogy is of great use in teaching and in describing basic aspects of electric current.
'' [source]




This way to get some intuition about electronics is very nice and visual.
It would be really cool to have toys made from these hydraulic components...
See here: animation

And of course: ''If taken too far, the water analogy can create misconceptions.''

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