Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cold fusion... after all

''Researchers at a U.S. Navy laboratory have unveiled what they say is "significant" evidence of cold fusion, a potential energy source that has many skeptics in the scientific community.
The scientists described what they called the first clear visual evidence that low-energy nuclear reaction (LENR), or cold fusion devices can produce neutrons, subatomic particles that scientists say are indicative of nuclear reactions.
"The whole point of fusion is, you're bringing things of like charge together. As we all know, like things repel, and you have to overcome that repulsion somehow."
But Steven Krivit, editor of the New Energy Times, said the study was "big" and could open a new scientific field.
'' [source]

Actually the field is already open, perhaps a bit mistreated by the media, but it well alive: infinite energy magazine.

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