Sunday, February 01, 2009

Grand Mix

Stem Cells Reverse Paralysis in Rats [source]

Tiny motors may be big in surgery [source]

Multiple sclerosis 'reversed' with stem cell therapy [source]

Organic computing takes a step closer [source]

Colorsonic concept MP3 player turns your tunes into colors [source]

Cubicle From the Future [source]

Ten sci-fi devices [source]

Making magnetic monopoles [source]

Quantum information teleported between distant atoms [source]

E-Paper Technology Has New Possibilities in Japan [source]

Samsung Show W7900 projector phone [source, with video!]

Underground Particles Forecast Winter Storms [source]

Evolution: The next 200 years

Pedal-powered submarine [source]

A great blog for art and paintings [source]

3D printing [source]

Free Printables [source]

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