Sunday, January 18, 2009

Unbelievable news

Invisibility cloak
''The researchers report in Thursday's edition of the journal Science that they have developed a series of mathematical commands to guide the development of more types of metamaterials to cloak objects from an increasing range of electromagnetic waves.'' [source]

Nano balls
'' Liquid or glass, hard or soft -- researchers at the University of Twente, The Netherlands, are investigating a new 'model material' that can adopt a series of different properties. This is possible because of miniscule balls of knotted polymers which become enlarged as the temperature drops.'' [source]
IBM Creates 3D MRI With 100 Million Times Finer Resolution
''By extending MRI to such fine resolution, the scientists have created a microscope that, with further development, may ultimately be powerful enough to unravel the structure and interactions of proteins, paving the way for new advances in personalized healthcare and targeted medicine. This achievement stands to impact the study of materials from proteins to integrated circuits for which a detailed understanding of atomic structure is essential.
'' [source]
Researchers One Step Closer To Creating Life
''In an experiment they recently created enzymes that can replicate and evolve.
... 'What we have is non-living, but we've been able to show that it has some life-like properties, and that was extremely interesting.'
'' [source]
Lego announces line of digital cameras
Researchers develop higher-efficiency LEDs

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