Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Smell goes online

''Launched in December, the "Nioi-bu," or Smell Club, has registered more than 160 scents around the world, ranging from "steam coming out of a rice cooker" to "used socks in the summer," and pinpointed their locations on a Google map.

Nearly 200 members, called "smellists," have joined the Japanese-language only site, said Kayo Matsubara, spokeswoman of its operator, KAYAC Inc.
'' [source]

Here is the site, in JP only!

When will we have a USB smell-loudspeaker?
If 3D is the next thing in movies, this could be next big thing in web surfing ;)

From a technical point of view there are already some scales on which to measure smells (see this article).

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