Sunday, January 11, 2009

Mixed IT news

Safer than ActiveX: a look at Google's Native Client plugin
''Google has released a new experimental browser plugin that allows web applications to securely run native code on the underlying platform. The plugin, which is called Native Client, is distributed under the open source BSD license and is designed to work with all major platforms and browsers. '' [source]

The Mashup of Virtual Worlds and Learning
''... persistent environments could be ancient cities complete with AI animals and avatars, or a model of the human circulatory system backed by a sophisticated simulation operating on a cloud of computers pushing results into virtual world client "viewers."'' [source]
Virtualization to put consumer tech in the workplace
''Virtualization promises to usher in a new era of consumer technology in the workplace — potentially satisfying the demands of new workers from the Facebook generation who want to use more consumer hardware for work purposes. '' [source]

Poor-man's supercomputing goes commercial
''Grid computing technology has long been the darling of cash-strapped academics in desperate need of raw processing power. Now a groundbreaking European research effort has created an industrial-strength platform already appearing in commercial applications.'' [source]

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