Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Global sea ice ... strikes back!

''For all those worried that the North Pole might melt, consider this: There's been a rapid rebound in the level of global sea ice. Fits in with the recent evidence that if anything these days, the Earth has been cooling.'' [source]

And it is not the first of these kind of news.
Check out this news from February 2008
''In the late summer and early fall of 2007, there were a number of alarming media reports about the arctic sea ice melting. Additionally, there were predictions that it would not recover to its previous levels.

But, we have this graph charting the rise and fall of arctic sea ice for the last 365 days, notice that the arctic sea ice is right back where it started at in February 2007.
'' [source]

And even in 2007:
''NewsBusters reported Sunday that the media's fascination with record low ice in the Arctic ignored history while relying on satellite data that's only been around since 1979.

At the same time, the press have totally boycotted news from the Southern Hemisphere where ice and snow levels are currently at their highest since data have been collected.

Pretty convenient wouldn't you agree?
'' [source]

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