Friday, January 16, 2009

Farts on Mars (and other incredible news)

Farts on Mars
''In early 2003, a plume of methane gas rose from the surface of Mars. The big unanswered question is, What belched?
Subsurface Martian cows are highly unlikely. But scientists are seriously considering the possibility of bacteria.
'' [source]

What moves rocks on Mars
''Wind storms and dust devils rage across Mars, so it's logical to suspect they blew the rocks. But the Red Planet's atmosphere is so thin that winds would have to be "10 times Hurricane Katrina" to pick up the stones, Pelletier told New Scientist. And wind-blown rocks would have no reason to stop where they were nearly equidistant from their neighbours.'' [source]
Jupiter-Sized Planets Grow Up Fast
''Compared to small, rocky worlds like Earth, Jupiter-class gas giant planets form quickly or not at all, a new study shows.'' [source]

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