Monday, December 15, 2008

Mixed clima/energy news

Saline Agriculture
''To confront rising salinization, authors writing in the journal Science recommend increased spending on saline agriculture, which proposes growing salt-water crops to feed the world.'' [source]

EU leaders drastically weaken their emission ambition
''"EU governments to some extent have removed the incentive to invest in less carbon-intensive processes," said Mark Lewis, the global head of carbon research at Deutsche Bank in Paris. "We could have gone further and done so a good deal faster without this political compromise."

Under the original plan, electric utilities, which now get most of their pollution permits for free, would have had to start paying for them starting in 2013. Instead, utilities in East European countries like Poland and Hungary would not need to buy all of their required permits until 2020.
Christian Kjaer, the chief executive of the European Wind Energy Association, warned that Europe was "losing credibility and leadership in the fight against climate change."
'' [source]

Oil Consumption to Drop for First Time in 25 Years
''Global oil demand hasn't dropped since 1983 when the world's developed economies were struggling on the tail end of a recession. This time around, it's not just the old, big economies that are struggling. China, which has experienced the greatest boom in history, appears to be in economic trouble.

In a separate report, the World Bank said the global economy was teetering on the brink of recession. One sign of the times: here in California, home to Web 2.0, green tech and Silicon Valley, the state's tax revenues came in nearly 20 percent below expectations this month.
'' [source]

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