Tuesday, July 22, 2008

P2P or not P2P?

Is it legal or not (in Europe) to share files on P2P networks?
If not, should it be?

There are new and unpleasant developments in the discussion on P2P:

From (2):
Sarko’s opinion is that “there is no reason that the internet should be a lawless zone”, which is fair enough, but surely obtaining proof of any wrongdoing would be a positive first step in anything other than a police state.

And even more alarming here:
In conclusion, I am worried . Worried at the lack of consideration for what the public wants; the lack of balance between legitimate protection of IPRs, and vital interests such as the access of students and workers to the Net, as well as of the families of alleged filesharers; the apparent disregard for privacy and the personal data safeguards of the data protection laws; the apparent washing away of the E-Commerce Directive immunities; but more than that, aghast at this blatant attempt to sneak through vital changes to the law without proper notice or debate, across Europe, in the Trojan horse of a giant and extraordinarily hard to understand reform exercise.
'' By Lilian Edwards [From this blog]

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