Monday, July 07, 2008

Drop internal combustion: go for steam!

It is possible, according to this article.

“Internal combustion is dirty and complicated,” Schoell says. Steam engines, on the other hand, are simpler and more efficient and can use a variety of fuels. Unlike a regular internal combustion engine, which explodes a mixture of fuel and air hundreds of times a second inside its cylinders to drive the pistons, steam engines burn fuel continuously in a different chamber. And since this combustion is separate from the engine’s moving parts, any fuel that gets steam hot enough to drive the engine’s pistons will do.
Schoell’s company, Cyclone Power Technologies, has recently signed a deal to develop a Cyclone for lawn mowers and other garden equipment. And unlike most garage tinkerers, Schoell has even won the respect of the pros: In 2006, he won the Distinguished Automotive Engineering Award from the Society of Automotive Engineers for the Cyclone’s design.

More details about the Cyclone Engine here.


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