Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A bible from 4th century is going to be placed online

I'm not usually that interested in bibles, but this project is going to give more access to an ancient version of the bible, and it reminds me of the long discussion about the death sea scrolls.

I still remember when I read the genesis commented by Isaac Asimov, and I found out that in fact it is much less great and much more full with discrepancies that I was taught in elementary school (in Italy we use to have compulsory religion hours when I was a kid).

In fact the new testament has been rewritten and changed so many times (for examples there are extra, non-accepted gospels), and translated with known errors so many times, that I can understand the interest in reading (online!) a copy from the 4th century AD!

It's going to be hotter than the C14 test on the Turin shroud :D
(by the way that controversy is still going on: see here O_o )

Article here.

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