Saturday, March 08, 2008

How to produce hydrogen in the comfort of your home

Hydrogen cars exist, but filling the tank with hydrogen is at least 4 times more expensive than using regular gas...

So: we need a better way to generate hydrogen (from water possibly).

And this is exactly what this company is doing: check it out :)

Hydrogen is in demand for several developing clean and renewable energy uses. Research now being conducted seeks to generate high rates of the gas via on-board electrolysis to fuel plug-in hybrid electric / hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and for stationary fuel cell back-up power systems. "Efficient hydrogen fuel generation enabled by QSI-Nano NiFe™ electrodes unlocks the potential to simplify the hydrogen infrastructure and accelerate fuel cell commercialization," said Kimberly McGrath, Ph.D., director of fuel cell research, QuantumSphere, Inc. "We envision the consumer being able to refuel their vehicles at home from garage electrolyzer units using water and off-peak electricity at night and solar power during the day."

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