Monday, December 03, 2007

A new game: Finestral

Check it here!
Isn't it amazing!? It is a Portal-like game, only in isometric, 2D.

"Finestra" is Italian for "window", and since "porta" is the Italian for "door"... I figured that a good name for a Portal rip-off could be Finestral, because

Porta : Finestra = Portal : Finestral


It is made in Java and you can take a look at the source ;)

To play, run Finestral.class on any JVM and use the arrow keys to move your character around, ESC to quit the game; I and O will relocate the input and the ouput of the finestral.
I reused an old engine for sokoban that I made 2 years ago...

Please let me know if it is as cool as Portal... :D

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limaCAT said...

It won't start from Command Line lamenting the java version is wrong (UnsupportedClassVersionError: bad version number in .class file).

OTOH recompiling it from Eclipse, it will load the level1.txt (or whath'sitsname.txt) but it will give me a black window.

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