Friday, November 09, 2007

Terrific trics for GMAIL users


Thanks! :D

And if you have dealings with some other part of BiggieBankie, e.g. to do with your investments, you could use "" for correspondence with them. Then you could set up another filter with "BiggieBankie" in the "To" box if you wish, in order to group all your emails from BiggieBankie together, whether to do with your admin or your investments.
Alternatively, never mind the bother of fiddling with filters - if you just do a "Show search options" search and put "BiggieBankie" in the "To" box, you'll find all the BiggieBankie emails which have been sent to you (if you've gave this format of alias to them). Or if you put "invest" in the "To" when doing an advanced search, you'll find all investment-related emails sent to you provided you gave them an alias which included ".invest" in it. You get the picture. Again, you need to be careful what words you use after the "+" bit so that you don't duplicate stuff inadvertently, etc.

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